Peaches and Dark Chocolate S’mores

This recipe is a gourmet twist on a beloved classic! The subtle sweetness of dark chocolate complements creamy brie cheese and tangy peaches, s’mores style, for a perfect end to your summer cookout.

TOTAL TIME:10 min.


  • 8 graham crackers
  • 4 oz. dark chocolate (60-70% cacao)
  • 8 oz. brie cheese, cut into wedges
  • 2 peaches, pitted and cut into ½" slices


  1. Heat the grill to medium heat. Lay a 12″ piece of foil on your work surface for each s’more you will make. Break the chocolate bar into squares.

  2. Assemble the s’mores in the following order: cracker, chocolate, peach, brie, cracker. Fold the foil around each s’more and lay them on the grill.

  3. Grill the s’mores until the brie and chocolate melt, about 4-5 minutes. It’s best to make these and eat them right away; the peach makes the cracker soggy if you store them.

Nutritional Facts

Tips: When cooking indoors, use the broiler. Adjust the oven rack to sit 4-6" below the broiler and broil the s'mores, open-faced, until the cheese and chocolate melt, about 45 seconds to 1 minute.